Raffle Quilt Draw – Colourful Canmore

Raffle Quilt Draw

On Sunday afternoon, Dean Murphy from the Sugar Pine in Canmore drew the winning ticket for our stunning raffle quilt, Colourful Canmore.  The winner is (insert drum roll here!)  Sue Herlett.  The winning ticket was sold by Pat G.  We hope Sue, the winner of Colourful Canmore will be delighted with her prize.

The raffle quilt is a major source of funding for the Guild.  Many thanks to the Raffle Quilt committee and all those who sold tickets and manned the booths at the market and outside the Sugar Pine during these difficult months!

It was lovely to see so many members out to watch the draw on this lovely fall afternoon, and to Dean for taking the time from his busy life to draw the winning ticket.

Notan Workshop with Dawn Piasta November 15, 2021

Join us for a workshop with Dawn Piasta, fiber artist from Dauphin Manitoba for a one day online Zoom workshop.  This wokshop is from Dawn’s Creative Expression Series: Notan. 

Nōtan is a Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark elements as they are placed next to the other in the composition of art and imagery. Our goal during this fun and creative workshop is to create a NOTAN design using fabric; remove negative spaces from the positive space then flip the negative space so that it mirrors the positive space; then finally, using your preferred raw-edge applique technique; affix all pieces onto the background.

Please download, print and fill out the attached registration form and return to the workshop coordinator to complete your registration.   Notan_Registration

Supply list:  Provided upon registration

Workshop Details:  Monday November 15, 2021   9:30 – 4:00 Mountain Time 

Workshop takes place on Zoom (link will be sent a couple of days before the workshop)

Member Registration Fee:      $ 55.00

Non-member Fee:                      $ 75.00

Registration deadline date:    November 7, 2021

Minimum number of participants:  10

For further information, contact the workshop coordinator:  sharon.moore@athabascau.ca

Website Registration


ONE-BLOCK WONDER 2-Day Workshop, October 16 & 30, 2021 with Joan Loomis

One-block wonders are so much fun! Please join us for a few fun days together

Click on the link below to purchase a spot in the workshop.

One Block Wonder Workshop Oct. 16 & 30, 2021

You only need to select ONE fabric but choosing the right fabric is crucial. An optional pre-class will be available at Sugar Pine to assist you select a fabric. You can sign-up for one of two pre-classes (10/pre-class).

 In workshop day 1 you will stack and cut your fabric. Six triangles form a hexagon. The fun begins when you see the hexagons take shape. You will start to sew hexagons in a systematic way.

  In the two weeks between workshop day 1 and workshop day 2 you will finish cutting and sewing your hexagons.

 In workshop day 2 you will design your quilt. The fun is in finding a cohesive design by experimenting with hexagon placement. How to sew hexagons together into a quilt will be demonstrated. You might be ready to sew two columns together. Inset triangles to square the quilt will also be demonstrated, if desired.  After the workshop, you will finish sewing to make a quilt top.

Handouts will be provided to assist your learning during and between the classes.

Supply list:  Provided upon registration.  Includes instructions on how to select a fabric for a one-block wonder.  Optional Pre-class  EITHER Tues. Oct 5, 9:30-11:00 at the Sugar Pine (time to be finalized) on fabric selection:  OR Wed. Oct 6 , 5:00-6:30 at the Sugar Pine (time to be finalized)

Workshop Details:  Saturday, October 16 and Saturday, October 30, 2021  Set-up before class. Class begins at 9:00. Clean-up by 4:30pm.

Room 200, Canmore Recreation Centre, 1900 8th Avenue, Canmore, AB

If special precautions are needed due to Covid, they will be put in place. All Covid requirements will be followed. Room 200 is a large space

Member Registration Fee:  $140.00  (covers instructional/copying/rental costs). Non-member Fee:  $160.00

 Registration deadline date:    September 16, 2021   Minimum number of participants:  12 (Registrations accepted after September 16 if spots available).

 For further information, contact the workshop coordinator  sharon.moore@athabascau.ca

Bee Groups

Bee Groups give us the opportunity to connect in small groups with other like-minded quilters, and learn from each other and be inspired by each other.  Hopefully, this year will allow us to be together again, whether in person (following covid restrictions) or virtually using Zoom.  If you’d like to start a bee group, but aren’t sure about zoom, there are many of us that could help with that.  We are only limited by our imaginations!  

Please email me with ideas for Bee Groups – When emailing, it will be helpful if you use the title MCQG Bee Group, and send to bee@mountaincabinquilters.ca

Current Bee Groups

Postcard making for shows (Lead Mary W.)  The guild would like members to make some postcards to be sold at the Visions Show and at the Canadian Rockies Quilt Show.  So, wouldn’t it be fun to have a monthly zoom get together for a couple of  hours where members could make postcards, inspire each other and socialize at the same time! 

There’s no obligation to be there every month, but we’d just like to know if there are people who might be interested in doing this. Please send an email to bee@mountaincabinquilters.ca if you’d like to participate.  
 Pick 5 Challenge (Co-Leads Ellen L. and Dawn H.)  This idea was started last year by ‘the working group’ and there has been interest expressed to do it again!  This group will connect in a zoom meeting once a month for a couple of hours.  
Here’s how it works:
Do you have projects or specific quilt related tasks you would like to complete?  It could be a course you want to take or a new technique you want to try. Here’s a little motivation!
– You choose 5 of your own projects and assign numbers 1 through 4 to each project.    Label the 5th project as “Joker”
– Each month a number (1 to 4 or Joker) will be drawn by the leads
– That’s the project you would work on completing that month
– The joker will be a surprise
Please send an email to Ellen at elauersen@telus.net if you’d like to be included.
Zoom meeting dates are posted on the guild calendar.
Scrappy Quilts  This bee group, led by Chris Nykoluk, was previously established and met in person monthly.  Members are interested in working on, and sharing ideas about creating Scrap Quilts. There’s always a bit of fabric sharing that happens too!  This group has a tentative plan to restart in November.  At this time, the group is at full capacity, for the space in the room, with members who have participated in the past.

UFO’s   This bee group, led by Chris Nykoluk,  was previously established and met in person monthly.  Members are interested in completing projects of their own, while in the company of others.  They share ideas, help each other with techniques, and generally support each other and enjoy this social time. This group has a tentative plan to restart in November.  At this time, the group is at full capacity, for the space in the room, with members who have participated in the past.

Upcoming Events

We know that the past many months have been challenging for everyone.  So we wanted to do something special to look forward to.  We will be offering a free one day workshop (it will happen on January 22, 2022) for all returning members and new members who join the guild.  We hope that you will rejoin the guild for the coming year and encourage someone else to join who maybe is trying to decide.  The workshop we will be offering is with award winning quilter, teacher and designer Lori Dickman  (quiltingwithlori.com
) Zooming in from Illinois. 

STITCH & LEARN for September
For September, our S & L is “Donna’s French Door” .  This is a fun and cool way to fancy up a panel.  Below is a link to a tutorial that Donna (from Jordan’s Fabrics) teaches.  There is a free pattern that can be downloaded to go along with it.
  Feel free to choose any or all of the Stitch and Learns that we post each month.  When you complete a block/project, send a photo of it to Ellen at elauersen@telus.net 

For each photo you send in of a S&L activity, your name will be entered for a draw at the June meeting.


MCQG  First Virtual Retreat
November 26-28 ,2021


Join quilting friends on Zoom as we visit 4 corners of the quilting world. Working from the comfort of our own homes we will have the opportunity to share our projects and visit with friends periodically during the weekend using breakout rooms. The retreat offers social connection, laughter, inspiration and freedom to participate in as little or as much as you desire. Everyone who registers will receive a schedule of events for the weekend and a chance to win prizes. 

The great thing about a virtual retreat is that you can come and go throughout the weekend.  For those of us who went on a virtual retreat, we were very surprised at how much fun we had and couldn’t wait till we could attend another one.  

Read More

A Note From Our President

Thanks to everyone who attended our first meeting on Wednesday.  We had a great turnout and the technology gods seemed to smile upon us.  The link to the recording is now available on the website and it will be available until end of day on September 30.
We have a great lineup of activities planned for the year.  Remember that there is no expectation that you will participate in everything!  Think of it as a buffet and get involved in the things that grab your interest and that you feel you have the time to do.  
We’re monitoring the situation with COVID and the provincial health restrictions.  We’ll let you know if we need to adjust our plans as we get closer to each event.  At the moment, the Canmore Recreation Centre is planning to remain open under the REP guidelines (what we would all call the vaccine passport) so we will be able to continue to have in-person meetings for everyone who is fully vaccinated.  Of course, this could change on short notice.  We will also offer a Zoom connection for those of you who need to limit your contact with others.  We aren’t sure yet if we can do Zoom for in-person workshops.
If you have not yet renewed your membership, please do so as soon as you can.  It’s quick and easy on the website with your credit card, but there are other options available too.  And of course, if you need help, reach out to our wonderful membership coordinators.
We’re looking for one or two people to back up Catherine R., our new Zoom Mother, in case she is unable to attend a meeting.  Training is available and it isn’t hard.  It’s also good for your brain to be challenged in new and weird ways!  Please help out if you can.
Thanks so much to Jillian R., who has volunteered to help Catherine R. with our Bylaw update, and to Cathy S. who has agreed to organize our photo montage for Show & Share!
Please come out for a few minutes on Sunday, October 17 at 3 pm at the courtyard of St. Michael’s Church in Canmore.  We’ll be drawing the winner of our gorgeous raffle quilt then.
Speaking of the Raffle Quilt, don’t forget to return your ticket stubs to Karen or Chris no later than Friday, October 8.


TOUCH QUILTS :  We now have ‘Touch Quilt Kits’!  

A complete fun and colourful package to make a lap sized touch quilt top.  Tops are made with nine squares, three rows of three squares that are cut at 6.5” each before assembly.  Touch quilts are made of colourful fabric with varying textures. Add-ons such as pockets, Velcro and ties provide dementia patients with tactile and visual stimulation. Quilts are backed with flannel to keep them from slipping. Our guild continues to make touch quilts for the Bow Valley, they provide both warmth and security to recipients.

These are a fun and easy project, completed in several hours. If you’d like to have a kit, please contact the current keeper of the closet Karen at treas@mountaincabinquilters.ca