A Note From Our President

Jillian, MCQG President

May our new year be filled with friendship, creativity, laughter and learning.  These are strong attributes of our quilt guild, so I think all members will have plenty of opportunity to experience all of these in 2019.

On bad weather days and in those long, variable seasons between summer and winter, I often wonder what people who don’t have a creative outlet, do with their time.  I assume their houses would be tidier and cleaner than mine, and their dinners would be more elaborate.  Interestingly when I think about new year resolutions, I usually have the objective of carving out more time for quilting and art pursuits, but having a cleaner and tidier home, never makes my list!

When I consider the future of our guild, I can’t imagine a time when people won’t have an interest in quilting, either traditional or art quilts.  The fascinating thing to me about quilting and fibre/textile arts in general, is that there is always something new to learn or with which to experiment.  You can try a new block, experiment with colour combinations you’ve never tried before, design a completely original quilt, dye your own fabric, learn new free-motion quilting designs – the list is endless.

In the past two years, I’ve been experimenting with eco-printing, which is printing on fabric using real leaves and natural dyes.  I’m looking forward to doing more eco-printing and figuring out ways to incorporate it into my quilts.  I love the combination of colour and nature, my two prime sources for artistic inspiration.

So many of our members seem to have a strong interest in learning new techniques through courses, workshops and sharing.  Our Bee groups are becoming more popular, and some are trying new things, such as sketching, which at first glance might not sound like something a quilt guild would do.  The Bee groups give us a chance to try something new, within the safety of friends who can share ideas and provide support and guidance.

The challenge for the year is ‘Itsy Bitsy’  which has been defined as making a quilt with blocks 4 inches or less in size, or making a small art quilt no bigger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches.  I’m enjoying working on my challenge piece as the small size allows me to experiment with things I haven’t tried before.  I need to remember this next time I plan on embarking on a large piece using techniques, colours or designs which are new to me.  Try a small version first!

Another activity filled interesting year is being developed for our members.  New courses are in the planning. My attitude has always been that if there is a course teaching a skill or technique not known to me, I will generally take it.  I may  not be terribly interested in the end product of the course, but who knows when I can apply the skills and knowledge I would gain.  Being able to take a course with friends, without having to travel and pay for accommodation is a real treat.  We continue to have excellent courses and workshops taught by other members or teachers from afar.

I want to thank the many, many members who volunteer throughout the year to make our guild the exciting and fun group that it is.  Please remember to warmly welcome our new members and visitors.  And for those new members of our guild, I encourage you to volunteer for tasks for which you feel comfortable.  Its a great way to meet other members.