Challenges: Silver Strong & Pick 4

Guild challenges are intended to be an enjoyable way for members to choose to connect, learn and create in a quilting process or project. Here are some current challenges in which you are invited to participate.

Silver Strong: our 25th-anniversary challenge

The guild is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year so we chose a theme to honour that.  The theme is Silver Strong – 25 Years 

Make either an 8 1/2” or 4 1/2” UNFINISHED block of your own choosing using a piece of the fabric that was distributed at the guild meeting in September.  You are also asked to put the year you joined the guild (or approximate if you can’t remember somewhere on the block).  Once finished, at any time from now to April, we ask that you send a photo of the block to Sharon M for a slide show presentation at our April meeting. Then drop off or mail your block to Siobhan. 

If you need the fabric for the block, there is still some available and can be obtained by emailing or contact Siobhan or Darcie.

Pick 4 Challenge

April 2021:
Congratulations to everyone who finished Project #2 for the April meeting! The next project to be completed by the May meeting is your Project #1. You have until the May meeting to get Project #1 finished in order to have your name put into the draw twice.

If you haven’t completed Project #4 or #2, but you finish them by the June meeting, your name will be put into the draw one time for each completed project so don’t give up!

Don’t forget to email a photo of your completed project to Ellen and Dawn when it’s finished.

Join Ellen and Dawn for the Pick Four Challenge Bee Group on the last Friday of the month from 10:00 am until Noon.  The Zoom link is on the calendar.