Bee Groups

Bee Groups

Bee Groups give us the opportunity to connect in small groups with other like-minded quilters, and share learning experiences, and be inspired by each other.  We’re hoping there will be more ‘in person’ groups started this year, and groups can also meet on Zoom.  This would be decided by the leader or the group itself.  We are only limited by our imaginations!  

Please contact Cathy S. ( with any ideas for new Bee Group or if you have any Bee Group Questions.

Current Bee Groups

Pick 4 Challenge Bee Group (Lead – Ellen L.)

-You choose 4 things you want to accomplish/finish etc. (and randomly assign numbers 1 through 4 to each one)   

– At guild meetings in October, December, February and April, Ellen will draw a number (1 to 4) 

– That’s the project you would work on completing before the next draw date

If you want to be part of this group:

Please send an email (before the October Guild mtg) to Ellen L., giving Ellen your numbered list of things you’d like to do.

Tell her your items: Here’s an example:

1.Get my scrap bin out and cut fabric into specific sizes and organize it

2. Put the binding on a Hugs Quilt

3. Finish piecing the quilt for my friend.

4. Read a book about Art Quilting

Each time Ellen draws a number your job is to work on completing that item before the next meeting.

Zoom meeting dates will be posted on the guild calendar.

Scrap Quilters Bee Group (Lead- Lynda S.)

This group meets monthly to work on their own scrap quilting projects together. Scrap Quilting is a style of patchwork made from many smaller pieces of ‘scrap’ fabric in various sizes, patterns, designs and colors.  The quilters make good use of their small scrap pieces, creating endless possibilities of finished pieces!  There is lots of inspiration in this group, and sharing of knowledge, patterns, ideas and of course, fabric!

This group is full at the moment, limited only by physical space.

Improv Bee Group (Lead- Cathy S.)

This group meets to share ideas, inspiration, and learn more about all aspects of  Improv Quilting.  The group is currently meeting in members’ homes, which will dictate the numbers.  However, a second Improv group could always be formed as well!  

Improv is giving yourself permission to play.  It is standing at your cutting table, sewing a few pieces together to make that first unit, putting it on the design wall, and from there continuing to cut, sew, try techniques that interest you, learn from your mistakes, move pieces around, cut units up, join them together.  Once you begin, the first decision or first piece influences the next and eventually you find your way to a finished piece. It’s taking some inspiration from within and just creating!

Handwork Bee Group- (Lead by Julie H)

Any kind of handwork people are doing is welcome.  This group meets in people’s homes.  It would be a time of working on your own project. enjoying a visit, sharing ideas and inspiring each other.  The group will make decisions about when and where to meet.  


Sewcial Group (Monthly in Person Quilting Group)- Lead Sandy B

This group will meet the second Wednesday of the month from 9:30 am-3:00 pm at Spring Creek Orgins.

This is an opportunity to finish your own personal UFO’s, do a group quilting project or do some Community Outreach Projects, while having the opportunity to be with other quilters, socializing, sharing ideas, and inspiring each other!

The choice of ‘topic’ for this group, opens it to everyone.