Community Outreach

Community Outreach Initiatives for 2023/2024

Community Outreach leads are Deb B and Cathy S.  They can be contacted at if you have any questions.

Roll Out Dates For 2023/2024

Ongoing Hugs Quilts

Contact Deb B for backing and batting and Lorie J with finished quilt

November 2023 – Placemats

Christmas Placemats  -contacts Deb B and Cathy S

January 2024 – Bags

YWCA Tote Bags- contacts Deb B & Cathy S  

Precious Belongs Bags- contacts Albertina P and Dale R

Ongoing Touch Quilts

Touch Quilts will be made if requested by the community

Project Descriptions

Hugs Quilts

HUGS is a guild project that provides handmade quilts created by MCQG members for residents living in the Bow Valley who are receiving chemotherapy treatments at the Canmore General Hospital as well as for Guild members who have become seriously ill.  

HUGS quilts typically measure 50 x 70 inches (no larger as our batting fits a maximum of this size) .  This is large enough to cover patients while in their chemotherapy chairs, with a flannel backing to keep them warm. This project is open to all members of our guild regardless of their level of skill. The guild has an annual budget for this project and members also donate fabric and their time and flannel for the backing.  We hope that you will also make a bag for your quilt, but if you’d rather not do that, please reach out, as I’m sure another guild member may be happy to make the bag. 

A patient, who wishes to receive a HUGS quilt has the opportunity to select a quilt from photographs of available quilts kept in a binder at the Hospital. The selected quilt is delivered to the patient in a matching carrying bag and it is theirs to keep. Since the program’s inception in 2012 hundreds of quilts have been donated.  Contact Deb B. for batting and/or backing if required at


Christmas Placemats

Placemats are made every year in support of our seniors in Banff and Canmore and are gifted at Christmas time.  Many of the placemats have been made with non-seasonal themed fabric on the back in order that the recipient may use the beautiful placemats all year round.

In past years we have distributed placemats to a few different groups in different years.  These have included, St. Martha’s (at Banff Mineral Springs hospital), and the Mt. Edith House Seniors home in Banff, and in Canmore placemats have been provided to our local “Meals on Wheels” organization, as well as Golden Eagle View Long Term Care.


YWCA Tote Bags

YWCA Tote Bags are made in support of women in need staying at the Banff YWCA. There is a pattern that is usually used for this bag, but you are also welcome to make any bag of this size if you’d like. The pattern for the tote bags can be found in the Members Only Section- Patterns and How To’s


Precious Belongings Tote Bags 

Precious Belongs Tote Bags are donated to the PALLIATIVE CARE SOCIETY OF THE BOW VALLEY for family members of loved ones.  The instructions for the Precious Belongs Tote Bag can be found in the Members Only Section- Patterns and How To’s.  


Touch Quilts 

We have some touch quilt kits.  A complete fun and colourful package to make a lap sized touch quilt top.  Tops are made with nine squares, three rows of three squares that are cut at 7″ each before assembly.  Touch quilts are made of colourful fabric with varying textures.Add-ons such as pockets, Velcro and ties provide dementia patients with tactile and visual stimulation. Quilts are backed with flannel to keep them from slipping. These are a fun and easy project, completed in several hours. If you’d like to have a kit please contact Cathy S.