Artistic Visions Show

Visions 2020: March 21 to April 7


Work is underway to prepare for the 2020 Artistic Visions Show with the theme « COLOUR SPEAKS ».

The opening reception on Friday March 20th from 7:30-9 pm at the Canmore Art Gallery in Elevation Place.

The gallery will be open from 11 am till 5 pm daily from Saturday, March 21st till April 7th.

“Artistic Visions” is the only annual original quilt Art shows hosted in a gallery in Canada.

The guild's first original quilt art show was held in 1999 at the Canmore Library Gallery. It ran for ten days, breaking all prior attendance records for the gallery.

Members are challenged to produce their own original quilt art for display in the visions show.

What Do We Mean By "Original Art Quilt"

  • The design is your idea
  • Shows originality, artistry, creativity and imagination
  • May use any style or technique to express your design
  • May be inspired by another work, as long as it is an interpretation, not a copy
  • Can contain elements of published work (e.g. a block or border idea) incorporated into your original design
  • Can use techniques developed by others (e.g. fusing or improvisation) but cannot copy a quilt used to demonstrate the technique
  • Can be started in a class or workshop but must have significant elements of your creativity, to make it different from what the instructor or your classmates helped you with
  • Must be a 'quilt' - three layers sewn together
  • Ultimately, we rely on you and your honesty in saying it is original

Potential Sources of Inspiriation

  • creativity is not a gift that some people have and others don't
  • silence the inner critic - ideas evolve - inspiration leads to more inspiration
  • inspiration from  the theme
  • inspiration from works of art - Kandinsky, Picasso, VanGogh, Miro, Mondrian
  • collaborate or work with someone else
  • be inspired by a photo or landscape
  • create an abstract design - creative use of colour, pattern, texture, line
  • print an image on fabric - change it , embellish it
  • improvisational design - just start and see where is leads
  • can use mixed media (paints, paper, metal, etc.) use of embellishments


Visions 2018: March 2- 20

Viewer's Choice

Archway at Scotney Castle
By Pamela Yonge












Visions 2017: March 25th to April 11

Viewer's Choice

Retreat in Chinook Country
By Cecile Lafleur










Art Quilting – “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

Article by Lynn C., art quilter, Canmore, Alberta

Mountain Cabin Quilters Guild Visions BannerLike the introduction, art quilting has come of age over the last 50 years. Although there have been quilts that have been considered works of art throughout quilt history, the evolution of art quilting has been very challenging.  For generations, quilts were not considered works of art but rather “craft items” and then were often referred to as “women’s work.”

As women fought for equality in the 60’s the art quilt world was born when several well-known American artists, several of them females, started using fabric as their medium.  Over the next fifty years adventurous artists brought new creative designs and techniques to traditional quilting.  The art quilt movement has fought a challenging battle for acceptance even within the world of quilting.

In 1961, the Whitney Museum of American Arts seminal exhibition Abstract Design in American Quilts introduced the concepts of quilts as objects of art to a national audience for the first time.  In the mid 70’s individuals like Nancy Crowe and Michael James were the prominent artists working with quilts as their medium.  The first Quilt National exhibition in 1979 created a venue for the increasing interest in art quilting all over the world. Many of the artists who displayed their work at Quilt National next took their quilts and techniques to share with quilters in Europe, Canada and Australia.  The world of art quilting thus became a movement. The world of quilting today graciously includes both art and traditional quilting.  Contemporary quilters continue to evolve and inspire others.