Stitch and Learn

Online Stitch and Learn Activities

In the absence of in-person stitch and learn events the Education committee is introducing a new  Online Stitch and Learn Opportunity.   Each month the Education Committee will direct you to an online tutorial featuring a challenging block or a new technique. 

Your task is to complete a block (more if you choose) using the technique(s) demonstrated in the tutorial. 

You will be sent the link the day after the guild meeting and you have until the next meeting to complete a block.  For example, you will be sent a link on January 21st and you will have until February 17th to complete it. 

When complete, send Ellen L. a photo so she can keep track of who has completed the monthly Stitch & Learn activity. 

For each one completed, your name will be entered into a draw for a prize at the June meeting.  The more Stitch & Learn activities you complete, the more times your name will be entered in the draw. 

Ellen’s email can be found on the membership list. 

May 2022 Lonely Scraps into Lovely Quilts or what Donna Jordan calls “the everything bagel of quilts”.   

She takes small scrap strips and creates them into a pattern she calls Scraps Strips Diamond Trip.  This would make a great pattern for a Hugs Quilt, Table Runner or very interesting patterned quilt.   She has a free tutorial and free pattern on her website.  Take a look and give it a try. 

Tutorial link: 

Free Quilt Pattern Link 

April 2022 Intuitive Art Quilting  This month you are invited to “cut and pieces without using a ruler”.  Jean Wells does Intuitive Art Quilting and has a YouTube video where she shares her technique.  This process lends itself well to creating postcards.  We look forward to seeing your postcards using this fun method.

(Jean has other videos you might find interesting that you can find by doing a google search using her name)

 March 2022  FLANGE BINDING  Give this a try and see how you like it.  Below are three different sites that describe how to do Flange Binding.  As I mentioned in the Guild meeting, I tried flange binding on a couple of placemats and found I  liked doing it.  I can see good potential for other projects. 

STITCH & LEARN for September 2022
For September, our S & L is “Donna’s French Door” .  This is a fun and cool way to fancy up a panel.  Below is a link to a tutorial that Donna (from Jordan’s Fabrics) teaches.  There is a free pattern that can be downloaded to go along with it.
  Feel free to choose any or all of the Stitch and Learns that we post each month.  When you complete a block/project, send a photo of it to Ellen at 

STITCH & LEARN for October 2022 is a Christmas Tree Wall Hanging  (these are fun and fast). And here is a tutorial from Jordan Fabrics with a link to a free pattern.  Remember to send a photo of your completed project to Ellen Lauersen to be entered in the prize draw at the end of the year   

 Stitch N Learn for November 2022 is a cool system to manage your scraps by cutting them into either 3 ½” x 2” “Mini-Bricks” or 2” squares.  With various combinations of those two pieces, you can make a huge variety of Scrappy 5” or 9” Quilt Blocks.  It was developed by Darlene Michaud.  Watch the video: 

For each photo you send in of a S&L activity, your name will be entered for a draw at the June meeting.

Previous Projects:

April 2021: Tridazzle
Here is a quilt pattern that teaches lots of fun things in a versatile and flexible way.
Here’s the link: Tridazzle Quilt!! Quick class from 10″ squares!! – YouTube
You’ll learn:
– A quick and easy way to make beautiful quarter-square triangle blocks,
– How to quickly trim these blocks,
– How to add sashing, and
– How to add cornerstones to your sashing.
The beginning of the video has poor sound quality.  Fortunately, it’s promo material and NOT the actual Tridazzle lesson.  It is only a couple of minutes so either fast forward or just ignore it until the lesson starts.

To earn an entry in the SNL draw, here is what you need to do:
– Make a minimum of 4 quarter square triangle blocks  – any size you want, and
– Join those 4 squares together to form a 2 block x 2 block grid with sashing and cornerstones – any width sashing that makes you happy.

This is a great way to use up some scraps.  Or start a HUGS quilt.  You could even make a doll blanket, a placemat, a yoga mat roll, or something else fun and creative.  The project does NOT have to be finished to qualify for an entry – you just need to make 4 blocks and join them with sashing and cornerstones.

Dazzle us with your Tridazzle project!  To qualify for the prize for completing your project, send a photo of your completed item to Ellen L. 

Preview YouTube video Tridazzle Quilt!! Quick class from 10″ squares!!

January 2021: Winter Star New Year’s Star (Jordan Fabrics) : Tutorial: 
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging: Tutorial:  The pattern can be downloaded from their website

February 2021: Crumb Quit Video:

March 2021: Curved piecing. 
Any curved piercing will be accepted for this challenge so you can do a Drunkard’s path, apple core, or New York Beauty.  As long as it’s curved.   Happy quilting.
Please remember to send a photo of your Stitch and Learn block to Ellen Lauersen to have your name added for the draw in June.


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