Youth Annual Membership

For Members 25 years and under.

– Monthly Guild meetings to share and experience with others
– Stitch & Learn demos; Quilt-‘Til-You-Wilt days
– Receive priority registration in Guild workshops or special events
– Access to website and email communication updates
 – Access to library and may borrow up to 4 books
 – Display quilts in Guild-hosted shows
– Vote on Guild issues
– May receive discounts at quilt stores and artsPlace programs

We are a busy guild and need your help. You will be asked to volunteer, so please help when you can with whatever you can so all of us can spend more time quilting.

COMMUNICATIONS from the Guild will be sent via email or available to view on the website. Names and contact information as given in this form will be included in a distribution list available to members.

WEBSITE: Members’ photographs may appear on the website. Names will appear as first name and initial of the last name on publicly-accessed pages. Full names may appear on access-controlled pages.

The personal information collected from members of the MCQG is for use by the Guild, to facilitate and conduct Guild business and to provide efficient communication among members. The MCQG will not sell, rent, lend, give, or otherwise provide this information to any external persons or organizations for any purpose whatsoever without prior consent, nor will the information be used for solicitation purposes not associated with Guild business. As a Guild member, I will not distribute Guild Membership Lists and/or Communications to any person who is currently not a member in good standing, for any reason or circumstance.

By purchasing a Membership you are agreeing to the policies of the guild.