The 2021 Education Calendar of Events

There is are great speakers lined up for the first half of 2021.

Jan. 20, 2021: Fibre Connections and Common Threads  Presented by Cathie Ugrin, Fibre Artist (Winnipeg Manitoba)

Crafter, sewer, quilter, maker, artist … no matter what we call ourselves, we all love to create with fabric and thread. We are drawn to others who share our passion to form communities that are both supportive and inspiring. We are storytellers, nurturers and historians. We are traditionalists and rebels. In good times and in bad, the comfort of cloth is where we find our voice. Join Cathie Ugrin as she shares her thoughts and artwork in the context of our present place in time through the presentation, Fibre Connections and Common Threads.

Feb. 17, 2021:  Finding Ways to Understand Colour  Presented by Colleen Campbell, Artist, Retired Professor   (Canmore AB)

Our response to colour is subjective. We each have different responses and the ways we see colour and colour combinations change with experience. Our eyes, light sources, and qualities of surface — each impacts our perception and our reaction to what we see.

Colour has structure — ways of relating and contrasting to each other — and a long list of words that can be used to describe those relationships. With consistent use of the vocabulary of colour and the visual relationships that it evokes, an artist or artisan can make decisions about colour with predictable intent.

Learning about colour and using what one learns consciously, reflecting on the results and trying to focus on qualities and characteristics that one wishes to change will help the quilter whose work depends on colour combinations as part of the overall success of their quilting project.

March 17, 2021:  Behind the Seams Presented by Peter Byrne, Quilter, Designer, Teacher (Toronto, ON)

This virtual presentation takes viewers through Peter’s personal quilting journey.  His goal is innovation and his passion is creativity.  We will see some of his award winning quilts and the process he uses in creating his quilts.

April 21, 2021 :  Every Quilt Tells a Story Presented by Members of the Mountain Cabin Quilter’s Guild. 

Most often, the quilts we make as quilters are far more than fabrics and threads.  They are often made for a special person, for a special reason or occasion. They contain memories and stories that move and inspire.  In this presentation, five guild members will share a quilt that is special to them and the story it tells.  

May 19, 2021  My Top 10 Art Quilt Techniques  Presented by Helen Godden, Extreme Free Motion Quilter and Award Winning Artist (Canberra, Australia)

 With a slide show and Q&A discussion, Helen shares her favourite techniques that she uses to create her art quilts. She discusses painting with acrylic on fabric, her easy ways to painting with dye & salt, and her “secret squirrel” technique of painting with bleach. She shares free-motion yarn couching techniques and how she physically manages her current passion to quilt BIG!